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A British man just learned the hard way not to post a video online of yourself driving at more than double the speed limit.

24 year old Supermarket worker Ashley Dixon was sentenced to 8 months in prison last week, after a helmet cam filmed him riding a Honda Fireblade at speeds up to 153 mph on rural roads through the southwestern England counties of Devon and Cornwall. The judge called Ashley a "Lunatic" before handing down the sentence, which also includes a 2 year driving ban.

Dixon pleaded guilty to two counts of dangerous driving in Exeter Crown Court, police said. He uploaded two videos of himself trying out a Honda Fireblade and a BMW S1000R from Plymouth dealerships in April and May, according to police.

"The speeds he was traveling at meant he would have had no chance to react had anything come into his path on the road or had he encountered anything unexpected on the road surface. A collision at those speeds would have been catastrophic," MPS Gary Williamson of the police department"'s safer road support unit said in a statement.

"His speed crept up on him and he did not realize the full potential of the motorcycles he was riding," said Emmi Wilson, Dixon's attorney. "He is working full-time at a supermarket in Plymouth earning £130 a week and will lose his job if he goes into custody."

Well, personally he's lucky he didn't lose his life. Cause at 153mph, losing a job should be the least of his worries.

Sad he had to serve the time, but he definitely took his own life to risk, as well as other innocents on the road. The driving ban was a good move in our honest opinion

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