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It's been a while since we've seen the paparazzi like this in full force for Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher. The happy couple has been spending a lot of time at home raising their little baby girl Wyatt Isabelle, who will be seeing her 1st Birthday in just about a month on October 1st.

But the Punk'd star and Queen of Humanity managed to get a babysitter so the two could have a nice quiet dinner at only one of West Hollywood's Hottest hotspots, Toca Madera. And we gotta tell ya, this place is right in the thick of it so it was bound to be a media frenzy. But i guess the word of their fine Organic & Vegan Mexican cuisine drew them into the hornet's nest.

But the paps were polite and pulled a straight Moses and parted the Flashing Sea so the two could make their way safely to their vehicle.

In situations like these you can only wonder if they're probably friends with the restaurant owners, being the Ashton himself is a known Restaurateur, looking for a good PR run.

Cause i'm sure they'd rather hang back with Baby Wyatt Isabelle at the crib than deal with that.

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