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Where the road leads for Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian, nobody knows. And nobody's talking.

Especially not Scott. We caught up with him as he left Matsuhisa for Sushi on Monday night and asked if there was any chance of reconciliation with Kourtney. And true to the Lord form, he remained silent.

Scott just made a club appearance on Friday August 21st in Reno, Nevada after vacationing in Mexico. He then paid a visit to Kourtney over the weekend and posted a since deleted pic on instagram of baby Penelope with the caption "love coming home". Scott also partied it up with Leonardo DiCaprio, newly single Gavin Rossdale, Jason Statham, Orlando Bloom, Russell Simmons and more A-listers for Naomi Campbell's party in Malibu. Us Weekly reported that Lord Disick arrived in a car with 6 females.

I probably wouldn't have anything to say about it either.

I remember back in the day when everybody in this crew couldn't wait to speak to the cameras. I guess they feel like they don't need them as much these days.

May the Disick be with You Great Scott

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