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The East Street Bridge is a well known place for Westwood, Massachusetts, but not known enough to prevent these accidents. But the world is learning fast.

Local police say they are called for crashes at the bridge about once a month. A video earlier this year showed a big rig slam into the bridge, which sheers off the entire top of the big rig's trailer. This has prompted authorities to start posting videos of the crashes on YouTube.

Most recently, last week another truck was obliterated after one was destroyed just earlier this summer. I can only imagine what a traumatic situation that must've been for each driver. Let's hope the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, which owns the bridge, finally decides to do something to accommodate the vehicles of today. Nobody can reasonably expect a truck driver to be able to immediately judge the height of a bridge with respect to their trailers, and I'm sure some major lawsuits will begin if changes aren't made.

One thing's for certain. Seeing how an enormous truck can be so easily destroyed, should give each of us a new respect for our safety on the roads.

Be safe out there folks.

Writer: GPS, @lmnotweets (Twitter), lmnogram (Instagram)