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Not so fast, Don't get all excited guys. It's only in Seattle, Washington. Yes, I know, it's a huge tease.

But maybe if this Mad Max Wasteland Warrior thing is a hit in Seattle we can see this all over our Uber App.

So here's the deal: Uber partnered up with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and ordered up some specialized Mad Max rides exact replicates like the movie. And it's all to commemorate the release of the new Mad Max video game that'll be out on all consoles. And here's the part where it's going to make you sad that you're not in Seattle: It's all free untill August 31st.

Are you in Seattle but you don't know how to request this awesome ride? Here are the instructions straight from Uber's website:

"1. Open the Uber app in downtown Seattle and request MAD MAX. If your timing is right, a Warboy will swoop you up in a car ripped from the world of the Mad Max video game and brought to life on the streets of our fair city!

2. Cars vary in size. Your Warboy will let you know how many riders (1, 3, or 4) he can keep safe from marauders.

3. Trips must begin and stay within downtown Seattle. The Wasteland is vast and gas is precious"?the Warboys must remain near their Stronghold.

4. Your dollars are worthless in the Wasteland. Payment shall not be required."

Do not, my friends, become addicted to riding it these cars. It will take hold of you, and you will resent its absence. We ride, we call another Uber, we ride again!

The new Mad Max Video Game comes out on September 1st.

Writer: Sloane Peterson, @lmnotweets (Twitter), lmnogram (Instagram)