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We might not know Liam Payne personally, but we've had the pleasure of basically watching him grow up the past 5 years. He's come a far way from adorably awkward to the heartthrob he is today.

22 is a big number! In honor of this monumental event, we made a list of our top 7 favorite Liam moments.

Top reason why we love Liam.. He"'s always so polite.

Remember when he magically grew a kidney?

When fans thought he was playing about his fear of spoons. Then he discovered what a Spork is. And he couldn't let it go.

Stupid Stupid boy. Smell pasta house.

When his biggest threat was actually every girl's biggest dream.

When Liam educated us on Snake safety

And lastly, just for the nostalgia. Our Liam isn't engaged but he isn't exactly 17 now either. We're still waiting to hear on the green beans.

So yeah. These are mostly (100%) tweets, but what can we say? What are some of your favorite Liam moments? Leave a comment below!

Writer: Loras Penn, @lmnotweets (Twitter), lmnogram (Instagram)