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When Evil Geniuses Attack !!

A man out of England decided become his on Wright brother and created his own personal flying machine. Esentially, it's a lawn chair with 54 counter rotating drone propellers with six grouped control channels and Hobbyking stabilization. According to their specs, this personal flying machine can lift about 300 pounds for approximately 10 minutes.

Only thing is the contraption, appropriately named "The Swarm", probably weighs a great deal on its own, limiting the aircraft's ability to carry a heavy pilot. As you can see in this test video, it seems to be pretty much at the mercy of the wind, and doesn't seem to get an elevation higher than 10 feet. But I'm sure that's not a problem a few more propellers couldn't eventually fix.

Smart move on the skull protection over the noggin, that's for sure.

With drones being all the rave these days, one might be concerned of a few garage projects finding its way hovering over our city streets. Shoot, since the flying car didn't happen by 2015 as predicted by Back To The Future Part II, these man made drone vehicles might be the next best thing.

Photo/Writer: Sid West, @lmnotweets (Twitter), lmnogram (Instagram), (Website)