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It's been an uneventful end of spring in Los Angeles lately. Scoping Hollywood and not seeing our favorite social media stars frolicking around Hollywood has made me feel –hmmm… thinking of a verb — 'lonely'. Yea, I guess lonely would describe the feeling.

When Cameron Dallas, Aaron Carpenter, Christian DelGrosso and friends are in town the vibe feels energetic. Teenagers are running around looking for their favorite 'influencer' like an easter egg hunt, fans who come from around the world to get a hug from Cameron, and even people crying when they finally meet them. Yes, it's been lonely lately in H-town.

So where the fuck are these guys? Wait what? Traveling around the world on a tour called Magcon? Yes, these guys have now turned their 6 second Vine crew into an all out musical/comedy/improv live show that has sold out in every city they bring it to.

Starting in America (which they sold out), they have now entered Europe and is sold out everywhere out there as well. From Ireland, Germany, UK, France, Italy, and Spain. Then ending the trip through New Zealand and Australia on July 12th.

Damn, July 12th??!! That's like 10 years away! Well….I guess I gotta go find Chris Brown somewhere…(just yawned) Boooring.

Writer: Sid West, @lmnotweets (Twitter), lmnogram (Instagram), (Website)