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If there is anyone in this world that doesn't get up and starts dancing crazily when "Shake It Off" starts playing, please contact us, we need to talk.

And the little 7-year old boy Dylan Barnes isn't any different. At a regular day, Dylan, who loves to dance and even takes dance classes, decided he would record himself dancing to the Taylor Swift tune "Shake It Off", getting over 6 Million views on the video.

What happened was… A few days ago, Ellen DeGeneres saw the video, and, of course, brought the little legend to her show.

And as we all know, Ellen DeGeneres is 100% part of the Taylor Swift squad…

So then, the one and only T-Swizzle, who has a show close to his house, in Kansas City, showed up at the boy's house and casually DANCED WITH HIM IN HIS LIVING ROOM! Isn't she amazing? Check it out!

Photo: Instagram

Writer: Trixie Rose, @lmnotweets (Twitter), lmnogram (Instagram)