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Meet the man who made the Super-Sized portion of your McDonald's menu disappear.

Morgan Spurlock's 2004 documentary "Super Size Me" changed American fast-food chains forever. Well, not actually, they just canceled a X-Large portion of fries and fountain drink.

Morgan chronicled a month long diet of solely McD's — which sounds amazing to any 12 year old — which showed the world how consequential it was to eating McDonald's.

LMNO L.A. met the "Super Size Me" star and tells us the war is not over with the mega fast food chain and leaves us with : "I'm coming for MORE, I'm Coming Back!"

Morgan wasn't specific about what his strategy was to piss off Ronald McDonald again. But it looks like the man is serious.

Just whatever you do Mr. Spurlock don't you dare make the Sausage McMuffin disappear. We get it, it kills our insides slowly. But damn does it taste fuckin' great.

Video/Writer: Sid West, @lmnotweets (Twitter), lmnogram (Instagram), (Website)