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A quick cat fight broke out this weekend between the two star singers, Maggie Lindemann and Madison Beer.

The World noticed and it trended globally. Yes, welcome to 2016.

We all know the recent story of Kesha (we won't get into that). So When Maggie tweeted out this weekend that "just because she says something does't mean it's true," #Maggie trended Worldwide for hours.

Maggie got a few people in a uproar. Especially since hash tag FreeKesha started trending directly above. One person who took offense to Maggie's tweet was her one time friend (long ago – Maggie's words) Madison Beer.

Madison Beer tweets out, "not only being raped kills, but being raped then being accused of lying about it kills. remember that."

Today, we found the upbeat Maggie and her friend Emily strolling through celeb friendly Melrose Place and asked her if Madison and her are still friends after the quick up and down jabs.

You gotta watch this clip and read through the lines. It looks like Maggie definitely moved on and even wonders of potential collaboration with Tupac.

Ahhh to be young again.

Video/Writer: Sid West, @lmnotweets (Twitter), lmnogram (Instagram), (Website)