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You're Fired!!

Donald Trump, the man that made 'The Apprentice' the success it is today, will not be getting his job back as Omarosa's bossy boss - even if Trump loses the election. The Executive Producer of the show Mark Burnett tells us last night that he will stick with his new man Arnold Schwarzenegger (as of now).

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The Terminator walked through Hollywood and even met with his own Hollywood Stars doppelgänger.

Arnold keeps bringing awesomeness with his viral YouTube videos and we hope it doesn't stop.

Watch how he pranks fans at Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum on Hollywood Blvd.

Epic Arnold

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I hope they wrote it in the script that T-800 is old now. Yup, here we go again, Arnold is back and he's here to protect Sarah Connor played by Emilia Clarke, the star on HBO's hit series Game Of Thrones.

Watch this Trailer of T-800 years old (I mean T-800 cyborg) to go all Terminator on that ass.

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Ex Cali Gover-nator and Ohio Governor and 2016 Presidential Republican Hopeful John Kasich down played their lunch date by jokingly saying, "they're very serious."

But maybe it is serious...

Ok let's dissect this. Now we all know Kindergarten Cop wants to one day run for a high office. But he was unable on getting the constitution... read more

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The Arnold Schwarzenegger catalog of movies is vast and pretty damn awesome.

From True Lies to Junior. You gotta see this hilarious reenactment by The One and Only ArNald and The OBE himself James Corden.

"It's Not a Tuma"