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Gawker is calling out Les Moonves for saying Donald Trump's highly controversial candidacy is good for business because it means a lot of political ad dollars are heading CBS' way, dollars that Gawker consider "blood money." We don't have a dog in this fight, but we do know Les loves his cash, as you can see in our classic video... read more

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Fresh off Kanye West's announcement for a Presidential Run in 2020, he decided to take his wife Kim Kardashian and Sister-In-Law Kourtney out to a big press filled dinner entrance and exit at Paparazzi Hotspot Craig's in West Hollywood.

We asked him about this supposed Presidential run and Kanye made sure to pub his shoes to get it... read more

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Ex Cali Gover-nator and Ohio Governor and 2016 Presidential Republican Hopeful John Kasich down played their lunch date by jokingly saying, "they're very serious."

But maybe it is serious...

Ok let's dissect this. Now we all know Kindergarten Cop wants to one day run for a high office. But he was unable on getting the constitution... read more

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