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FANTASTIC FOUR director JOSH TRANK appears to have taken aim at 20th Century Fox studio bosses, blaming them for the poor reviews of his new film.

The superhero reboot hit U.S. theatres on Friday (07Aug15) and critics are already blasting the film, with Rolling Stone calling it "worse than worthless" and the New York Daily News sug... read more

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Apollo Creed's son is in the ring and he's being mentored by Rocky Balboa himself.

Adonis Johnson Creed played by Michael B. Jordan is stepping into the ring and fighting his way to prize fighter status.

The film teams with Jordan's "Fruitvale Station" director Ryan Coogler as he tries to convince Apo... read more

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Ahhhh, The world is spinning back on its axis once again...because Bootsy is back. And it looks hotter than ever.

Co-owner David Arquette even christened it last night by coming outside and giving some public relations to LMNOLA in front of his new sign.

Even Michael Jordan showed up!

Well, Michael B Jordan. But he's actually hotter than his... read more

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