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It's certainly been a successful 2015 for the mega superstar The Weekend. When LMNO LA caught him exclusively entering BOA Steakhouse with the beautiful Bella Hadid.

Here is The Weeknd's performance of The Hills at the American Music Awards

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For Drake, having the number 1 spot on Billboards Hot 100 is apparently very important to him. The Toronto native was quoted recently saying his first chart topping single would be, "the biggest moment of my career to date."

So how did the mega hit "Hotline Bling" not take the top spot? It clearly looked like this single... read more

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The second annual London based music festival for Apple Music included international superstar The Weeknd. This week, VEVO released footage of live performances of the event including The Weeknd's hit song, "The Hills" and "Losers."

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In 2008, Heidi and Spencer was the hype. We would bend backwards looking for these guys. Now times have changed and new reality stars have taken over.

And right when we started to think, "where did Speidi go?" They emerge in West Hollywood and they are as cool as ever.

Don't you just wanna have a beer with this guy Sp... read more

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