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Everyone is talking about the worst NBA playoff debacle this morning. But I'm taking a different stand on this. I think the Clippers should be happy they even made it this far! Lob City shouldn't even have won Game 7 of Round 1

Here's the theory (and it's Just a theory)

The NBA wanted the Clippers to move on to the 2nd round. So the Refs were in on it — And If you've been watching the playoffs like I have. You will notice that in every other commercial Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are on it. Not just on it but starring in them.

If they didn't make it out of at least the 1st round, the NBA would have dedicated commercials with players that aren't even playing!

So for them to lose round 2. It must suck for the NBA but it's all good. Because Sebastian Curry will take over the load for Cliff Paul.

Don't be mad Clipper fans. The bandwagon will be waiting for you guys next season. When you destroy my Lakers again and again and again.

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