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Diana Nyad better watch out… Because there’s another crazy female thrill seeker out there who’s challenging her for the title of badass of the new millennia.

Sonya Baumstein, a 30 year old Florida native, is in the midst of a record breaking attempt to row a boat from Choshi, Japan, to San Francisco, California. For those of you who don’t know how far that is: it’s 6,000 miles. And for those of you who don’t know how long 6,000 miles is: it’s very, very, very long.

But that’s not the craziest part. She’s doing it ALL BY HERSELF!!!

Sonya is working with NASA’s Earth and Space Research program “Aquarius”, and will be using gear and technology to gather information on certain aspects of the ocean water, such as salinity, temperature, and currents.

When speaking to CNN and asked why she would put herself through such an ordeal, her answer is pretty awesome: “I like the challenge,” she said.

Don’t fear too much for Sonya, though. Her boat is stacked with food, water, and safety gear if necessary. So she’ll be OK if the ship hits the fan.

Regardless, it’s needless to say that this chick is fearless. It isn’t the first time Sonya has embarked on a seemingly impossible expedition. Here is a list of her documented badassery:

– In 2011: Rowed 2,600 miles from Spain to Barbados.

– In 2012: Biked from Mexico to San Francisco.

– In 2013: Stand up paddleboarded across the Bering Strait.

Need we say more?

Photo: Instagram