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Well you guys, it's slim pickings at the movies this weekend. When the biggest new release titles are San Andreas and Aloha, you might be better off staying home to catch up on your Netflix queue. Most of you will probably see San Andreas, and if you see Aloha then just make sure you don't tell anyone that.

No one's going in to San Andreas and expecting an Oscar-worthy picture. But if you're into big explosions and The Rock's star ability to deliver totally cheeseball lines in a surprisingly effective way, then we can understand how this might turn out well. But with a 114-minute running time, sitting through it can turn into the ultimate endurance test depending on how many bad one-liners are packed in. The outlook isn't good for those of you with a low tolerance. Based on the trailer, it doesn't seem like we're talking Fast & Furious levels of cheese, where it's so bad that it's good.

But it's hard not to love The Rock. He is a surprisingly decent actor with great comedic timing. He picks his spots well-now-and if you caught him on SNL back in March, you remember why you've forgiven him for making movies that hurt both of you, like The Tooth Fairy (2010). And let's face it-if there really were to be an apocalyptic earthquake, he's the guy you'd want to save your ass. So our weekend movie pick this week will have to be San Andreas.