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Head honcho of CBS Les Moonves seemed a bit perturbed when one of our guys asked about not tipping the valet at Vibrato last week. Les replies, "No but I'm going back over there…No no don't burn me on that." Even though CBS or their affiliates did not pick up the story, Moonves must of heard. But don't worry CBS, your fearless leader made up for it this time and gave the valet a whole TEN DOLLARS! WoooooWeeee. Think of all the great things you can do with 10 bucks guys!

If any of you news guys want to rag on Les again for being cheap. I'm gunna have his back… Think about it! If it was 1950 that valet driver totally could have gotten a little over 90 pounds of cheese.

Cheers to all the outlets that got our name out! Thank you…

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