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The next time someone tells you to get a room, make sure it's at a Marriott. The global hotel chain just announced a partnership with Netflix, which means it'll be harder for you to get out of bed the next time you vacation. By 2016, all 300 Marriott properties are going to have a Netflix-enabled TV that allows current subscribers to watch on the hotel's full-size TV instead of propping up pillows but still straining your neck on your handheld device, like most of us do now.

Say goodbye to overpacking extra chargers, all of your handheld devices, and those summer reading books that you haven't touched since that wedding you were dragged to. Marriott has already rolled out the service in its San Jose and New York Upper East Side locations, and so far so good. Now when you travel for work or play, you no longer have to sacrifice binge-watching your favorite shows. Just imagine working from your laptop with room service on the way and FINALLY getting through those lingering last episodes of House of Cards. It really sounds like the way of the future doesn't it?

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