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C'mon guys, getting girls is easy. All you have to do is bypass their rejection mechanism and install feelings of desire into their subconscious. They"'ll be crawling all over you in no time. Practically begging for it…

Wait, that didn"'t work for you either? We figured.

This psychobabble bullshit is from Pandora's Box, a web-based subscription service that guarantees men relationship success with women by teaching them a system of techniques. It's the creation of self-proclaimed dating coach, Vin Di Carlo (Yes, his name is as sleazy as his website). If you're not familiar with the world of 'Pick Up artists', it's a place where people practice finding and seducing sexual partners. Somehow it's still a thing.

We know that the Internet is filled with scams and terrible messages out there, but we thought this one was a special kind of gross. That's because this dude is making money. It's scary.

He markets the product under the guise of fake research and technical jargon. At one point in the recruitment video viewers are told:

"A small team of renegade scientists recently discovered a few psychological tricks that when used the right way, causes an addiction-level chemical release in a woman's brain causing her to become attracted, almost immediately."

To normal folks this stuff is laughable, but somehow there are enough young desperate guys out there giving up their credit card info to make this a viable business. It's worrisome because these guys are learning to talk about woman like they're dogs. Like girls are just simple things that you can train.

They claim that their technique is so powerful, "you could literally destroy a woman with this system if you"'re not careful." Yeah… people buy this shit.

Di Carlo manages to stay relevant by spamming the Internet with fake reviews and testimonials. In fact, in 2013 his company, Altare Publishing Inc. was involved in a lawsuit about their unsolicited email blasts.

It isn't a surprise that there's no shortage of scummy dudes on the market with garbage like this spewing into inboxes and dating blog posts. We just hope that people recognize it for what it really is.

How could you not when you look a little closer? Their site charges users $69.95 for access to content. So if you don't already think this whole thing is completely ridiculous, here"'s a list of some of their riveting e-book titles:

Facebook Famous: 7 Copy & Paste Profile Tricks That Get Women 'Friending' You and Competing For Your Attention

Speed Mind Reading: How To Detect Hungry Woman Who Want It Now

F-Buddy Formula: Great Sex, No Drama

Text Message Teleportation: Get Her To Your Bedroom With The Push Of A Button

Ladies watch out. These guys are serious.

Writer: Sid West, @lmnotweets (Twitter), lmnogram (Instagram), (Website)