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Trey Herbert @TH__3 and his tweet is trending now. @TH__3's Dec 25th tweet that bet anyone that Lebron doesn't roll up to home games in a KIA.

Lebron's sponsorship and heavy endorsement through commercials left the twitter user suspicious of Lebron's mega millionaire sincerity. KIA is now launching a three commercial campaign that shows the King actually drives in a KIA900. The funniest part? Lebron actually said he was a fan of KIA's rear wheel drive sedan even before he was signed on to make money off them (let me take a quick break and EYEROLL)…ok I'm back…The three commercial campaign is called The Truth.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are down by 4 with 19 seconds to go versus the defending NBA champs Golden State Warriors in their XMAS day game.

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