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Plain in simple, the hardest people to work with and grow a business are self centered, impatient, entitled people.. Everyone would agree with me here…. The sad part is. It's become a whole generation of adults.

The 20 something year olds have all become entitled brats who believe their impact on life and purpose should be immediate. Does that even make sense? Bro, you're not Gandhi..

Instant gratification from Facebook, Instagram and now YouTube has turned millennials into self deprecated, impatient shit heads.. And their smart phones have turned into a self harming addiction… Do you wake up in the morning and check your Facebook before you brush your teeth? Do you count your 'likes' every 15 minutes?

So, what's the solution??

Parents, stop telling your kids that they are winners (when they lose), stop telling them they can become anybody they want to be (because they can't), stop giving out participation awards, and don't let them start social media accounts (ok, this part is kinda crazy :/ )… More importantly, stop enabling your children.

When your child, becomes a full fledged adult, and you have no way of shielding your child's disappointment (like you've been doing). They're going to find out, in the saddest way, that winning DOES matter.

Here's the most truest shit, you'll hear today:

"Enabled as a Child, Disabled as an Adult"

You fuckin' pussies… (wink wink)

Writer: Sid West, @lmnotweets (Twitter), lmnogram (Instagram), (Website)