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Rich Instagram girl Dorothy Wang thinks there should be more A list Asian actors... Why is there so little in Hollywood? Can you name all the A lister Asians in La La Land?


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I once got a brand new shiny bicycle from my mother, Dorothy Wang got a nice plump booty from hers.

Tonight the Rich Kids of Instagram star, Dorothy Wang was out with her family to a Italian dinner at Madeo Ristorante when we compliment her on her 'ass'ets.

She tells us the secrets to her inherited asian booty and the ... read more

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Dorothy Wang has one of the most demented Instagrams ever -- It's pretty much just her living a life of luxury and unemployment. #imAhater

But if you're a guy trying to woo her love, don't be cheap and buy her anything fake (like I would do). Because she will break out into hives.

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