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Remember back in 2013 when a 64 year old women attempted for her fifth time to swim from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage? That women is long distance swimmer/motivational speaker Diana Nyad and she's back in the news.

It's all surrounded by the Hillary email story. Diana was asked today about Hillary's email confirming he... read more

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Paramount Pictures, along with Transformers Director Michael Bay and John Krasinski of the Office team up for an action / war film about one of the most controversial attacks on American diplomats, soldiers and citizens in the new millennium.

And while this is a far cry from transforming robots named Autobots and Decepticons, Mic... read more

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Just when you thought it was safe to be a Pop Culture Icon

Eminem proves once again that he's the most destructive when it comes to his lyrical prowess on the mic with a 6 minute freestyle (so he says but we think it's def written) on Sway in the Morning, housed under the roof of SiriusXM and Em's Shade45.

The 6 minute... read more

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Man, Hillary sure is running with that pantsuit joke.

The presidential candidate did the inevitable today and joined Instagram. Her first pic? Take a look:

Pretty funny for a woman satirized for being oh-so-serious all the time. The whole pantsuit joke comes from the fact that pantsuits are clearly a wardrobe staple for Hillary. In fact, she... read more

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