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Who's Lil B?! Maybe not the smartest thing to say James when you clearly saw Kyrie Irving break his left knee cap during Game 1 of The NBA Finals-- And yes Lil B took to his Twitter

Last night (June 7) we got James Harden leaving Penthouse day-party in L.A. when our guy asks the MVP runner up if he now believes in the Lil B curse.

Harden is... read more

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So apparently Lil B owns a few dance moves. Need proof? Just ask James Harden or the Cleveland Cavaliers. The rapper was sending out multiple hexes to a few NBA players that jacked his style.

Harden had a brutal Game 5 during the Golden State Warriors series clinching victory against the Houston Rockets. Harden was 2-11 from the field for 14 point... read more