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Finally the day has come... The last and final child of Caitlyn and Kris' to become an adult.

Everyone from Kanye to all of Kylie and Kendall's BFFs were all in attendance at 'The Nice Guy' in West Hollywood last night.

Check out the entrances and exits of all the attendees.

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Who's Lil B?! Maybe not the smartest thing to say James when you clearly saw Kyrie Irving break his left knee cap during Game 1 of The NBA Finals-- And yes Lil B took to his Twitter

Last night (June 7) we got James Harden leaving Penthouse day-party in L.A. when our guy asks the MVP runner up if he now believes in the Lil B curse.

Harden is... read more

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So apparently Lil B owns a few dance moves. Need proof? Just ask James Harden or the Cleveland Cavaliers. The rapper was sending out multiple hexes to a few NBA players that jacked his style.

Harden had a brutal Game 5 during the Golden State Warriors series clinching victory against the Houston Rockets. Harden was 2-11 from the field for 14 point... read more