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More and more celebrities are giving their skin a breath of fresh air and going au naturale – at least for their selfies.

We know anyone can kill it on the red carpet after 3 hours of hair and makeup, but what about looking good without the beauty squad to back you up? A ton of celebrities are showing off their natural beauty on Instagram and posting selfies without makeup, just bare-faced and beautiful. Between hashtags like #nomakeup, #nomakeupselfie and #nomakeupmonday, you'll find more and more celebrities everyday toning it down for their selfies. Demi Lovato is one of the trend's biggest proponents, and even adheres to a #NoMakeupMonday or #NMM posting schedule once a week.

Then there's Lady Gaga, who we barely recognized without her costumes and wigs:

Even Kylie Jenner has shown her followers what the 17-year-old girl buried underneath all that heavy makeup really looks like. And you know, we think she looks better without all that crap caked on:

Turns out that Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez don't look that different without makeup:

And our girl Normani Kordei from Fifth Harmony:

The classic babes have even joined the fun:

Looking good ladies! Finally a Hollywood beauty trend we can get on board with.

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Writer: Storm Asterella, @chaiandsass (Twitter), chaiandsass (Instagram)