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The Concept of "Bartkira" is Here to stay, as evidenced by a new Theatrical Trailer released by the Creative Team of Ryan Humphrey, Producer Kaitlin Sullivan and Cartoonist James Harvey.

After "Bartkira" Surfaced online as Manga Series (Japanese Comics) that blended Katsuhiro Otomi's "Akira" with Environmental Elements and Characters of The Simpsons, Ryan and the Team brought together over 50 Animation Artists to create an an exact reproduction of the Original Akira Theatrical Trailer"? accurate to each frame with elements of Batkira's Gotham-y Springfield set in in the future of Japan.

Bart is now seen Kaneda, who leads his gang "The Capsules" on Skateboards as their vehicles of choice over Motorcycles. Millhouse plays Tetsuo while Colonel Shikishima is portrayed by Principal Skinner.

It's a virtually seamless recreation, and we recommend even watching them both side by side simultaneously to see just how detailed the team was able to pull off such an impressive project. What makes it even more impressive is knowing that these people have no affiliation with Fox or the actual Simpsons Production.

Who knows"? pretty soon we may be able to start seeing Full Feature Mashup Films like this that bring together Fans From East To West.

Original Japanese Akira Theatrical Trailer

Writer: Sid West, @lmnotweets (Twitter), lmnogram (Instagram), (Website)