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Not even a month after calling off their engagement, the ex-couple seem at each other throats. Well, not quite. Their preferred method of payback seems to be shading each other through signs and cryptic retweets.

Zayn has stayed relatively silent throughout the whole ordeal, despite going clubbing nearly every night of the week. He's even rumored to already have a new interest at hand. Looks like he finally bit back though, subtly retweeting a "this or that" about Fifth Harmony and Little Mix. The options were "Worth It" vs. "Black Magic", and Zayn's actions signaled that he chose the prior. Here's the original tweet:

Ouch. We suppose there's always the chance that Zayn genuinely does just prefer the 5H single. But we reckon Perrie has a lot to do with his choice.

While some fans were offended by Zayn's retweet, most just found it really funny.

We can't exactly say we feel TOO bad for Perrie. Or Little Mix, at least. They've been throwing shade at Zayn since the break up was first announced. Pez never actually said anything bad about her ex herself though, which does make this all a big shame.

So are you #TeamPerrie or #TeamZayn? Or maybe #TeamPleaseGetAlong. We hope whatever issue they're having, they can at least learn to be friends.

Writer: Loras Penn, @lmnotweets (Twitter), lmnogram (Instagram)