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Seriously, Gigi Hadid is slowly taking over The Game.

She's about to get her hippy groove on with her singer BF at Coachella 2015.

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Twerking in Russia is legal like most countries in the free world. Unless your these girls in Russia. Their twerking video was uploaded to YouTube. Dancing along with the Russian version of Winnie-the-Pooh, the video has stirred up outrage that it is too sexually blatant, and an official government investigation is underway.

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'Amazing' nights only come once in a blue (balls) moon.

So if you had a chance to get on a tour bus with the whole Wu-Tang clan and talk until the sun rises, wouldn't you do it??

Right? Just talk. Until 7am...on a tour bus. With the Wu-Tang Clan.

The word, 'amazing' doesn't seem to apply here for me. It sounds boring a... read more

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A big fight between members of a Christian street performance band vs. Walmart security and local police in Arizona, and unfortunately resulted a policeman shot in the stomach and one of the performers dead.

Reports indicate there was an altercation of sorts between one of the performers and the Walmart security inside in the dressing room area, a... read more

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Game of Thrones is addicting (we all know that) -- so who's like me and is super stoked that this season 5 thang is about to go down this Sunday?

Geez it felt like forever since Arya Stark got on that boat and ended Season 4. And I kind of forgot where all the characters left off.

Well, this YouTube video explains it all with a dope little ... read more