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Four Game Of Thrones stars were caught fleeing the scene in downtown San Diego.

Fans of the show caught a glimpse of actors John Tarley, Liam Cunningham, Natalie Dormer, and Alfie Allen, who were all leaving San Diego's Comic-Con. Much controversy has surrounded the hit series after the season finale, and questions remain about the sho... read more

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Spoiler Alert:

Well we're halfway through the week and not surprisingly, plenty of people are still shitting their pants over Sunday's Game of Thrones season finale.

That's why we were so glad that AdikTheOne posted this hilarious of viewers' reactions. GoT fans in mourning will find solace in this video ... read more

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I guess that IS something to brag about -- everyone dies on Game Of Thrones! Your favorite character doesn't stand a chance. Unless his name is Tyrion Lanninster played by Peter Dinklage.

So to commence the fact that he's still alive since the beginning. Tyrion made a quick musical with a band and backup singers detailing some of the more... read more

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Game of Thrones is addicting (we all know that) -- so who's like me and is super stoked that this season 5 thang is about to go down this Sunday?

Geez it felt like forever since Arya Stark got on that boat and ended Season 4. And I kind of forgot where all the characters left off.

Well, this YouTube video explains it all with a dope little ... read more

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Kit Harington, Sophie Turner and Gwendoline Christie just landed in LA! Dope for me, dope for you. But is it dope for our bad luck autograph seeker?

Watch the clip to see if he gets any autographs. Cuz we all KNOW he has Sophie Turner photos!

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This video is hard to watch. Please be advised, because you will feel really, really bad.

But before I get back to that: the fearless Arya Stark arrives in L.A. when LMNOLA asks her, "Maisie, do you feel sad when the characters get killed off?"

She responds, "Yes, always." Awww..I swear, she's too sweet. ... read more