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Arya Stark didn't fool too many people while she worked at the local RPG store. But still, it was cool to see Maisie being so fun with the Game Of Thrones fans. Even making them re-enact scenes from the show to win a prize....

Here's a fun video we got of a Autograph collector trying to get her to sign. But realizing t... read more

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We started LMNO L.A. on March 18th of 2015. Since then we've accumulated over 600 celebrity interactions and numerous great moments.

Thank you everyone for supporting us. And we'll try to keep pumping out as much video as we can.

Now watch our videos, damn it!

Love y'all.

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    This video is hard to watch. Please be advised, because you will feel really, really bad.

    But before I get back to that: the fearless Arya Stark arrives in L.A. when LMNOLA asks her, "Maisie, do you feel sad when the characters get killed off?"

    She responds, "Yes, always." Awww..I swear, she's too sweet. ... read more