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It turns out that people wanted to do other shit for Memorial Day weekend this year than head to the movies.

Box office numbers were on the slim side, and by slim we mean downright depressing. Each of the top five movies pulled in somewhere between the $20-40 million range. Ouch.

Historically, Memorial Day weekend is the time of year for smash hits and record-breakers, with big winners like X-Men: Days of Future Past, which opened last Memorial Day weekend and raked in more than $110 million. But nothing this year even came close. Not even George Clooney could save Disney's Tomorrowland, which barely snuck past Pitch Perfect 2 to come out on top. That isn't much of a victory considering that Disney threw down a whopping $190 million to make it.

The box office rankings were:

1. Tomorrowland

2. Pitch Perfect 2

3. Mad Max: Fury Road

4. Poltergeist

5. Avengers: Age of Ultron

We'd hate to be in that corporate meeting on Tuesday morning. Aca-awkward.