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In typical Liam and Louis fashion, the pair of boybanders wrapped up their show in Toronto with a faux-fight But this time, they took it up a notch by not using their norm of water, but fire extinguisher foam. The members ran around stage trying to spray each other in a bid to outdo one another.

Most fans gawked at how adorable the scene was. Others were just happy they got Liam to play out all their firefighter fantasies. Not everyone thought it was fun and games though. Some were concerned about the boys' bad habits on stage. Not only did some find it wasteful to use the devices in the way Liam and Louis did, others found it downright dangerous as well. We agree that fire extinguishers are nothing to be fooled around with – they can cause some serious health risks – but Liam clearly meant no harm.

Some took the chance to bring up previous concerns, such as 1D's use of water. The band is notorious for water fights and something fans have nicknamed "The Whale" (We're looking at you, Harry). While it all seems like harmless fun, some fans are getting offended – especially those in a state of drought. In fact, 1D didn't even pull back their water use while in California.

Fans couldn't bring Liam down though. He took to twitter the day after to voice just how proud he was that he had won.

Personally? We think the world has bigger issues to focus on. So why not focus on how cute 1D's play fights are than how "problematic".


Writer: Loras Penn, @lmnotweets (Twitter), lmnogram (Instagram)