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Remember back in 2010 when this unknown musician with crazy hair called himself The Weeknd and he kept popping up on RnB music blogs? He gained so much momentum so fast that he was playing sold-out shows before the release of his first album. In the last five years, The Weeknd has definitely made a name for himself, found his place at the top of sa... read more

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French is backing his Ciroc drinking partner P Diddy to the end. Even giving Diddy the Father of The Year award for having his son's back.

The 'Ain't Worried About Nuthin' rapper was out last night at Mr. Chows in Beverly Hills when he tells us he would "ride the same way for my kid".

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Positive Diddy...After posting bond for $50K and going home last night. P Diddy just posted these words on his Instagram 10 minutes ago.

Make Today Amazing.

Those are some real positive mental attitude words Diddy. Whether it came from him or his publicist he's showing that nothing can stop his amazing day.

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Man, you thought your parents were embarrassing when they cheered loudly at your Little League games. Try having your dad show up at your college training facility. And then allegedly assaulting one of your coaches. And then throwing a kettle bell at an intern (allegedly) Oh, and your dad is fashion/music mogul P. Diddy.

That's just wh... read more