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"You gon' make me buy bottles for Charlamagne."

The 6 bottles actually DID come to The Breakfast Club's Charlamagne Tha God.

In Drake's song 'Back To Back' (a diss track to Meek Mill) he raps about buying his critic and nemesis bottles. The bottles were never specified in his lyrics but the radio pe... read more

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A day after turning 34, Yonce is back on the scene. Today, Saturday (September 5th), the singer will be headlining (along with The Weekend) Budweiser's Made in America Festival in Philadelphia curated by her husband, Jay Z.

This is gonna be Beyonce's first show in a year. And her last show happened in September last year in the en... read more

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Remember back in 2010 when this unknown musician with crazy hair called himself The Weeknd and he kept popping up on RnB music blogs? He gained so much momentum so fast that he was playing sold-out shows before the release of his first album. In the last five years, The Weeknd has definitely made a name for himself, found his place at the top of sa... read more

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Just when you thought it was over. The Beef is Far From over.

Cause Hip-Hop's Casanova is Bowlin Omeeka Over

Yeah, Drake went in on Meek Mill at his OVOFest 2015 in Toronto, opening up with his Battle Tracks "Charged Up" and "Back To Back". But the big screens is what showed no chill, as The Internet most usu... read more

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It's been over a week since Meek hit the streets with the notion that Drake don't write his own lyrics to beats <<----- (secret rhyme)

And in that time (did it again), Drake has managed to release not 1 but 2 Diss tracks aimed at Nicki Minaj's dude. "Charged Up" was aight, but "Back to Back" really got... read more

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Drake just brought "Back To Back" back to The Game cause he just slapped up Meek Mill Something Silly... But the continuing burning question is, "Did He Write It ??"

Drake just released the track which really attempts to kick Meek where it hurts... in his loins. The Canadian crooner attacked Meek and his position... read more

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If you ask me, Meek Mill & Nicki Minaj took a big risk with this one.

Meek just released the video for his song "All Eyes On You", the 2nd video from his album "Dreams Worth More Than Money" after the collaboration with Future for "Jump Out The Face". We've actually seen a bunch of sneak peek pics posted to... read more