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Get ready for nostalgia overload when 'Rampage' the arcade game becomes the topic of conversation… Remember the 3 big monsters? King Kong, Godzilla and The Werewolf running around North America destroying buildings? Yup, that game was sick!

And now they want to make it into a blockbuster movie…hmmm…(head scratch: I'll get back to this)

According to Deadline the team from New Line and producer Beau Flynn is back together after their huge ticket sales of San Andreas that made over $415 million globally. And they're bringing back their mega star Dwayne Johnson to be the lead in 'Rampage' the movie.

Here's the part I worry about. What blockbuster movie with huge monsters as the storyline ever been any good? And what movie with Dwayne Johnson in it has been actually any good as well? Ok I get it, he's a huge ticket draw. Globally.

Globally. This movie will probably kill. With all the money they'll spend on marketing around the world. This movie will make ridiculous sales. But I'm holding off on getting too excited. As much as I would love to see any sort of remake of my favorite video game. I equally do not want to see it 'cheese up' the brand.

Harsh, you say? Think of any video game Hollywood turned into a movie…EXACTLY

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