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Get ready for nostalgia overload when 'Rampage' the arcade Game becomes the topic of conversation... Remember the 3 big monsters? King Kong, Godzilla and The Werewolf running around North America destroying buildings? Yup, that Game was sick!

And now they want to make it into a blockbuster movie...hmmm...(head scratch: I'll get... read more

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Well shit, it looks like a majority of you can put up with an excessive amount of cheese.

The American people have spoken, and San Andreas CRUSHED it at the box office this weekend. Not only did it come in number one at the box office, it pulled in more than $53 million, which is way over the $48 million debut originally projected. It was a big we... read more

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Hollywood and Highland was shutdown for the big premiere of San

Andreas at the Dolby Theater -- and our guy was in the trenches while

The Rock greeted and shook the hands of fans.

Johnson plays a helicopter pilot in search of his daughter from a

natural disaster in this action movie. San Andreas opens everywhere

today. Do you smell~ll what the Ro... read more

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Well you guys, it's slim pickings at the movies this weekend. When the biggest new release titles are San Andreas and Aloha, you might be better off staying home to catch up on your Netflix queue. Most of you will probably see San Andreas, and if you see Aloha then just make sure you don't tell anyone that.

No one's going in to San And... read more