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Star Wars Fanatics just got another reason to keep their faces in their Smartphones.

Lucasfilm And Disney has finally debuted a long awaited Star Wars App for All your Jedi Needs.

The App, Available on both Android and iOS is ultimately a lead-in marketing tool for the upcoming release of "The Force Awakens".

In addition to receiving the Latest in All Things Star Wars News, the App also offers some Fun & Games, like a Jedi Training Program

that allows you to swing your phone like a Light Saber, along with an Archive of GIF's And Classic Star Wars Sound Effects…

You'll Even get a Chance to Snap Selfies with your Favorite Star Wars Characters !!

It's almost like a Mobile Extension of .. a Perfect way to Build up all you Padawans in Training

Writer: Sid West, @lmnotweets (Twitter), lmnogram (Instagram), (Website)