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Jaden Smith, the eccentric 17 year-old son of Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith, just released the video for his song "Scarface" on his website

The song seems to be showing the difficult side of being raised as a prominent Hollywood child in this world, and what it's like to be a poetic dude in the midst of an industry where all the songs sound the same.

Jaden has an active following on Social Media, who look to his strange status updates as hope for insight into this world from his poetic mindset. Jaden even stunned world audiences when he decided to show up to Prom as his own unique Superhero.

And it looks like the song "Scarface" is no different from Jaden's usual MO. The song even has an abrupt ending when Jaden professes "The Government Will Not Be Killing Me, Noooo"

I guess Jaden knows what the knowledge in his mind really represents… a threat to the powers that be.

Big Willy Styles is All In It.

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